Taxation Consultancy & Compliance

Being tax compliant saves you money. It also reduces the risk of a Revenue audit and enables you to better plan transactions, to qualify for the available relief’s, minimise your exposure to tax liabilities and enables you to obtain Tax Clearance Certificates (now a necessary requirement in order to apply for public contracts). If you have cash flow problems we can set up arrangements with the Revenue to have liabilities paid in a way suitable to you.

Being company compliant saves expensive Company Registration Office fines and enforcement procedures from the Director of Corporate Enforcement.

We will ensure all deadlines are met for;

  • Income tax returns
  • Preliminary tax payments
  • Annual return date for limited companies
  • Capital gains tax payments
  • VAT & PAYE liabilities

We will negotiate on your behalf during Revenue Audits to mitigate potential tax and penalties.

  • Contact us here for a tax health check.